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Robert Troll

First MRN Appearance: 0129
Last MRN Appearance: 1725
Performed By: Bob Trow

Robert Troll came to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Westwood in search of his friend, Sara Saturday. The future queen was responsible for taming the once-wild troll.[1] Robert Troll's initial role in Make-Believe revolved around his supervision of Lady Elaine Fairchilde's Someplace Else campsite where he was allowed to stay.[2]

Speaking at a fast pace in a unique style of gibberish, Robert Troll is often hard to understand. As Queen Sara once said, the best way to understand Robert Troll is to understand his feelings.[3] When the Big Thing comes to Make-Believe, Robert Troll is initially the only one able to communicate with it.[4]

Robert Troll often greets others with the touch of his extended index finger and the word, "Doot!"

A talented artist, Robert Troll has created portraits of many of his friends in Make-Believe,[5][6][7][8] plays the harmonica,[9] and once wrote a song about kings and queens.[10]

Robert Troll has provided help in many ways around the Neighborhood of Make-Believe including his help adding some color to the Museum-Go-Round columns,[11] installing a pulley system at the Eiffel Tower,[12] gathering information for the Neighborhood census,[13] and serving as an usher during the Neighborhood soap opera, As the Museum Turns.[14] As King Friday and Sara Saturday were planning their wedding, it was Robert Troll who suggested that Sara use the married name "Queen Sara Friday Saturday."[15] Unfortunately, his help does not always turn out well as he was responsible for contaminating the castle fountain with polluted water from the Rockit Factory.[16]

Robert Troll is active and enjoys playing ball[17] -- especially Troll Ball.[18] He has a pretend pet named Gloria.[19]



Operas and Plays

Robert Troll's acting experience in the Neighborhood operas and plays includes the following parts listed below. It should be noted that in some cases, these parts should be more accurately attributed to Bob Trow but considering Mr. Trow, as a character, was not a character appearing in Make-Believe, the parts are being creditted to Robert Troll.

Character Demonstration

In the real Neighborhood, Bob Trow talks in the voice or Robert Troll on Episode 1171.

Robert Troll's Name and Background

Robert Troll's name is a play on words in reference to the name of actor who plays this part -- Robert (Bob) Trow.


Robert Troll's parents are seen in a childhood picture of his shown on Episode 1670.


Confusion with Bob Dog

It does not go unnoticed by those in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe that Robert Troll and Bob Dog have some very similar features. In fact, some even found it curious that they were never seen together in Make-Believe. That is, until Episode 1111.

Later, in Episode 1737, Bob Dog offers a "Doot" to Neighbor Aber -- a greeting otherwise carried out only by Robert Troll.



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