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Spoon Mountain Opera

Date: 1993
Format: VHS
Company/Organization: CBS/FOX Video, Time Life Video
Catalog: V619-05
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (VHS)



What is an opera? It is a story told through music. Mister Rogers' "Spoon Mountain Opera" tells the tale of the brave Park Ranger Betty Green and the daring Prince Extraordinary and their mission to mysterious Spoon Mountain. They must rescue the Purple Kitty from the clutches of Wicked Knife 'n' Fork.

But when the Prince and Betty are captured, their fate looks bleak. Then the gallant Commodore appears and saves the day by revealing the secret of the mountain: Love can be found in the most unexpected places. We learn why Knife 'n' Fork has been "Wicked," and the story ends with new understanding and caring friendships.

No matter what people are like on the outside, it's who they are on the inside that's most important.

This special episode of MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD features:

  • An adventure story with music and lyrics by Fred Rogers
  • Familiar neighbors in fun new roles
  • A game to rename "Wicked Knife 'n' Fork"

Mister Rogers' universal message of love and self-esteem has brought joy and education to children around the world for more than 25 years. CBS/FOX Video is proud to bring some of the best episodes of MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD into your home.

Running Time: Approx. 28 Minutes.


The episode featured on this video is Episode 1505 from the Make-Believe (Creativity) series.


With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Chuck Aber, Betty Aberlin, Don Brockett, Francois Clemmons, Joe Negri, John Reardon, Audrey Roth, Jeff Shade, Bob Trow
Special thanks to: Becket Senchur, O.S.B.
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Sam Newbury
Director: Paul Lally
Composer: Fred Rogers
Music Director: John Costa
Associate Producer: Margy Whitmer
Art Director: Jack Guest
Costume Designer: Barbara Anderson
Editor: Michael Colonna
Properties: Jan Pascale
Technical Supervisors: Ken Anderson, Mike Laver
Studio Supervisor: Doug Coates
Production Coordinator: John Cosgrove
Assistant Director: Margy Whitmer
Technical Director: Jim Ochtun
Lighting Director: Frank Warninsky
Video: Don McCall, Don Williamson
Studio Cameras: Jack Arthurs, Merv Lightner, Don McCall, Bob Vaughn, Art Vogel
Studio Audio: Dick LaSota
Videotape: Kevin Conrad
Floor Manager: Jim Seech
Production Crew: Joe Abeln, Diane Donati, Rich Dwyer, Kate Kearney, Eric Sanchez, William Wegert
Location Production: Paul Dunlap, Mark Knobil, Kenneth Love, Joe Seamans
Carpenters: Patsy Gianelli, Rich Karapandi
Assistant Art Director: Fredericka Gray
Scenic Artists: Eileen Garrigan, Crispin Gray, Mark Napoletano, Alexis Samulski, Gayle Wurthner
Musicians: Carl McVicker, Bob Rawsthorne
Make-Up: Ainslie Bruneaux
Production Assistants: Viki Gedrys, Lenny Meledandri
Post Production: TPC Communications Inc.
Videotape Editor: Chuck Aikman
Audio Mixer: Bill Forsythe
Consultants: Albert V. Corrado M.D., Margaret B. McFarland Ph.D.

Produced in association with WQED/Pittsburgh
A production of Family Communications
© 1982 Family Communications, Inc.

Original funding for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was provided by Public Television Stations and The Sears-Roebuck Foundation.
© 1993 Family Communications, Inc.

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