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Donkey Hodie (Program)

DONKEY HODIE is a new puppet series for children ages 3-5 from Fred Rogers Productions and Spiffy Pictures. Inspired by the funny, quirky side of children’s TV pioneer Fred Rogers, this imaginative series follows the adventures of Donkey Hodie, the granddaughter of the original Donkey Hodie character from MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD.

Every episode is set in the land of Someplace Else, where Donkey Hodie and her pals empower preschoolers to dream big and overcome obstacles, to work hard and persevere, to be resourceful and discover they can solve problems on their own – and to laugh themselves silly along the way!

DONKEY HODIE will feature new original music along with reimagined versions of Fred’s iconic songs to reinforce and underscore each story’s positive message. []

EPISODES [Coming Soon]
Donkey Hodie episodes sorted in chronological order by episode number

A list of characters appearing on Donkey Hodie including a detailed list of appearances

Memorabilia, books, collectibles, and other merchandise from Donkey Hodie

SONGS & LYRICS [Coming Soon]
A comprehensive list of songs and lyrics from Donkey Hodie

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