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Episode 1398

Air Date: February 26, 1975
Previous Episode: 1397
Next Episode: 1399

Mister Rogers arrives with some magnets which he takes to the kitchen to show how they attract each other: "Magnets are hard to explain, but they're really fun to play with. Looking at one of the magnets which is shaped like a horseshoe, he mentions that Bob Trow is making a horseshoe game at the shop. Before visiting Mr. Trow, Mister Rogers sings You're Growing.

At Bob Trow's workshop, Mister Rogers and Mr. Trow practice horseshoes on the new post Mr. Trow has made. Using scrap pieces of wood, they create a wood sculpture.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday and Prince Tuesday sees Ino A. Horse through a telescope. Lady Aberlin invites him to the castle where Robert Troll gives him horseshoes just his size. Robert Troll also delivers a letter to King Friday from the Platypus family who are visiting the Froggs in Westwood. The letter suggests that Dr. Bill would like to talk with King Friday about something important when they return. Lady Elaine Fairchilde believes that Dr. Bill is planning to build his own telelvision station to compete with MGR-TV.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers shares a wood carving in the shape of an elephant before Bob Trow stops by the house to toss a few more horseshoes.


As Mister Rogers sings You're Growing, a film of children at various ages plays.

Prince Tuesday sings his own song to the tune of Troll Talk:

My name is Tuesday, Tuesday
This is my daddy Friday here
My name is Tuesday, Tuesday
And I like to play right here

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Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Adair Roth, Bob Trow
"You're Growing" film by David Troster, Christopher Chapman LTD
Directed by Bill Moates
Music Director: John Costa

Produced by Family Communications, Inc. in association with WQED, Pittsburgh

The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of The Sears Roebuck Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Public Television Stations, the Ford Foundation, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Supplementary funds for this series have been provided by the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, U.S. Office of Education

© 1975, Family Communications, Inc.

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