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Handyman Negri

First MRN Appearance: 0001
Last MRN Appearance: 1764
Performed By: Joe Negri

Handyman Negri is the royal fix-it man in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Skilled at fixing, cleaning, and building things, Handyman Negri is often called upon for his help in keeping the Neighborhood in order. When a new school was being considered for the Neighborhood of Make-Believe children, Handyman Negri went to work and built a school at Someplace Else.[1]

In addition to his handywork, Handyman Negri has also been asked to serve in other roles at the kings request including a Neighborhood border guard[2] and a member of volunteer fire department.[3]

Handyman Negri is a talented musician and often performs for and with his Neighbors. While he has been known to play guitar duets with King Friday XIII and to sing with Lady Elaine Fairchilde, Handyman Negri serves as a guitar instructor for Prince Tuesday. He has also taken an active role in several of the Neighborhood operas and plays.

On a few occasions, Handyman Negri has appeared in the real Neighborhood.



Operas and Plays

Handyman Negri appeared in several of the Neighborhood operas and plays including the following parts:



In early episodes, Handyman Negri was referred to as "Mr. Negri" before taking on "handyman" status. He was also known to occasionally appear in the real Neighborhood as Handyman Negri.

The first reference to "Handyman" Negri comes in Episode 0020.

A caricature of Handyman Negri is seen in Episode 1068 as part of a book called Who's Coming to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


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