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Episode 1443

Air Date: April 30, 1975
Previous Episode: 1442
Next Episode: 1444

Mister Rogers arrives with a fish made from a sponge that was given to him by Audrey Roth. Taking it to the fish tank, he compares it to the real fish. Audrey stops by and shows a funny fast film of a time she cleaned an airplane.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. McFeely flies to the Land of Allmine in search of a rainbow. Mr. McFeely and Mr. Allmine find many kinds of bows, but no rainbows. When they believe they have found a rainbow, it turns out to be only a model of a rainbow trout. Wondering if the rainbow trout is close enough, Mr. McFeely takes it back to Make-Believe where King Friday XIII is none too pleased. Mr. McFeely's quest continues.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers visits Negri's Music Shop where Nathan Davis is playing music with Johnny Costa and the band. When he returns to his house, Mister Rogers makes a musical instrument from a comb and waxed paper.


The rainbow trout model is item #64837 in Mr. Allmine's collection.

Natalie Baker is shopping at Negri's Music Shop when Mister Rogers arrives.

Appearing In This Episode


  • Nathan Davis




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Natalie Disilvio Baker (uncredited), Yoshi Ito, Bert A. Lloyd, Deborah Neal Stampo (uncredited), Joe Negri, David Newell, Adair Roth, Audrey Roth
and Nathan Davis with John Costa, Ronald Fudoli, Robert Rawsthorne
"ACE Cleaning Plane" film by Steve Fairchild with special thanks to United Air Lines
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Produced and Directed by Bill Moates
Music Director: John Costa

Produced by Family Communications, Inc. in association with WQED, Pittsburgh

The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of Public Television Stations, Ford Foundation, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Sears-Roebuck Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson

© 1975, Family Communications, Inc.

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