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Dr. Bill Platypus

First MRN Appearance: 1016
Last MRN Appearance: 1764
Performed By: Bill Barker

Dr. William Duckbill Bagpipe Platypus IV and his wife Elsie Jean arrived in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe following Dr. Frogg and and Mrs. Frogg's move to Westwood. Dr. Bill is the Neighborhood pediatrician/veterinarian and is often called upon for his medical expertise. His patients have included everyone from Bob Dog to the Neighborhood Trolley.

Dr. Bill lives in the Platypus Mound next to the Museum-Go-Round but his office is located inside the Eiffel Tower. His medical studies were completed in Australia where he attended the School of Medicine and the College of Medicine.[1]

Nana Platypus and Dada Platypus are the parents of Dr. Bill who has a daughter of his own, Ana. Dr. Bill is a talented bagpipe player and speaks with a thick Scottish accent. When speaking, he often substitutes the phrase "very, very" with "bill, bill" (e.g. "It's a bill, bill good day today").[2] He received his bagpipes from his Great-Great-Grandfather, Alexander MacKenzie MacKay.[3]

Dr. Bill particiaptes in the Lost and Found Teddy Bear opera playing the part of a bagpipe player.



Puppet Demonstration

Bill Barker is shown working the Dr. Bill puppet in Episode 1384 and Mister Rogers shows the puppet at his house in Episode 1726.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


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