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Mister Rogers Meets New Friends Collection

Date: 2020
Format: DVD
Studio: PBS
UPC: 841887044240
ISBN: 9781531712495


© 2020 The Fred Rogers Company


Join Mister Rogers as he puts on his trademark cardigan, changes into his sneakers and introduces the day's topic. Each of the 30 episodes in this fun-filled collection features Mister Rogers meeting new neighbors and visiting new places, including the San Diego Wild Animal Park and the United States Postal Service.

Plus, this DVD contains a very special bonus episode -- a visit from Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Episode Selection

Disc 1

  • Mister Rogers Goes To School
    • Visit to a First Grade Classroom (1462)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Superheroes
    • Visits a Construction Site (1470)
    • Visits a Pretzel Factory (1477)
    • Mister Rogers Meets Dr. Earl Grollman (1479)
    • Visit with a Pilot (1480)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Competition
    • A Visit to the Carnegie Art Museum (1482)
    • Mister Rogers Meets Lynn Swann (1484)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Pets
    • Mister Rogers Meets New Pets (1498)

Disc 2

  • Mister Rogers Talks About Make-Believe
    • How People Make Spoons (1501)
    • Visit to an Emergency Room (1502)
    • Mister Rogers Learns About Horns (1504)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Day Care & Night Care
    • Visits a Child Care Home (1516)
    • A Visit to a Balloon Factory (1518)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Work
    • Visits the United States Postal Service (1526)
    • A Visit to the Dairy Farm (1527)
    • Visits a Grocery Store (1529)

Disc 3

  • Mister Rogers Talks About Grandparents
    • Remembering Childhood and Grandparents (1533)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Alike and Different
    • Visit to the Circus (1585)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Kindness and Unkindness
    • Mister Rogers Visits Luray Caverns (1592)
    • A Visit from Tommy Tune (1594)
  • Mister Rogers Presents Josephine the Short Neck Giraffe
    • A Visit to the San Diego Wild Animal Park (1606)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Dress-Up
    • A Visit with the Boys' Choir of Harlem (1639)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Love
    • A Visit with an Ornithologist (1662)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Helping
    • A Visit to a Restaurant (1703)

Disc 4

  • Noisy and Quiet
    • A Visit with the Westminster Handbell Choir (1736)
  • Go Stop Go
    • Mister Rogers Visits a Fire Station (1744)
  • When Things Get Broken
    • Mister Rogers Talks About Imaginations (1746)
    • A Visit to the Neighborhood Library (1747)
    • Mister Rogers Visits the Dance Alloy (1750)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Curiosity
    • Mister Rogers Visits Negri's Music Shop (1752)
  • Mister Rogers Talks About Sharing
    • A Visit From Bill Nye (1715)


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