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It's a Beautiful Day Collection

Date: 2018
Format: DVD
Company/Organization: PBS
UPC:841887035545 (Original Version) / 841887036818 (Corrected Version)
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (DVD)


© 2018 The Fred Rogers Company


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: It's a Beautiful Day Collection It's always a beautiful day in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood!

Through his daily television visits, generations of kids have grown up with Mister Rogers as their friend. Kind and gentle, Mister Rogers created a calm, safe space where all children were welcome. Filled with real-life guests, interesting field trips, and charming make-believe segments, each episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood encouraged kids to explore the world around them, learning about themselves and their communities.

This special set celebrates the 50th anniversary of the beloved Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Watch as Mister Rogers helps children learn the importance of being kind to others, appreciating what makes everyone unique, recycling and taking care of our planet, and much more in these 30 memorable episodes of the classic series! Plus a bonus episode - the series premiere, in original black-and-white!

Episode Selection

Disc 1

  • Helping Children Know What to Expect at School (1464)
  • Creating with Friends is Different than Playing Alone (1471)
  • Play is the Work of Childhood (1490)
  • Respecting All Living Creatures (1500)
  • Ups and Downs of Friendship (1510)
  • Learning about Rules and Limits (1515)
  • Appreciating the People Who Came Before (1531)

Disc 2

  • Food and Love Go Hand in Hand (1540)
  • Music as a Way to Express Feelings (1550)
  • Families Come in Different Shapes and Sizes (1552)
  • Celebrating Big and Little Things (1564)
  • Lots of Different Things for Play and Pretending (1570)
  • Each Person is Unique - Yet We All Have Much in Common (1581)
  • Being Kind to Ourselves and Others (1595)
  • Nobody Knows What You're Thinking Unless You Tell Them (1600)

Disc 3

  • Games Can Be Fun, But Not If You're Left Out (1605)
  • Recycling and Other Ways to care for Our Planet (1620)
  • Learning to Take Care of Yourself (1629)
  • Trying on Different Roles (1638)
  • We All Have Art Inside of Us (1645)
  • Understanding Concepts of Up and Down (1656)
  • The Strength of Love - Even Through Angry Times (1665)
  • Appreciating our Uniqueness (1687)

Disc 4

  • Some Things Change…Some Things Stay the Same (1697)
  • Wondering and Asking Questions (1754)
  • Feeling Good About Who We Are (1720)
  • Encouraging Generosity and Gratitude (1721)
  • Strengths and Limitations, Abilities and Disabilities (1730)
  • Enjoying Books and Recognizing Symbols (1759)
  • Valuing All Kinds of Art (1765)
  • Bonus Episode (1001)


On initial versions of this DVD set, the bonus episode mentioned on the package as the "series premiere in original black-and-white" was actually the first color episode from 1969. Additionally, "Food and Love Go Hand in Hand" was listed in the packaging as the last episode on Disc 1 but was actually the first episode on Disc 2 and "Respecting All Living Creatures" was listed in the packaging as an episode on Disc 1 but was not included on the disc itself. These errors were corrected and replacement copies were provided by PBS to those who purchased this initial set.

On the original version of this set, the second episode on Disc 4 was "Needing Help and Giving Help" (1705). When the corrected version was released, this episode was replaced with "Wondering and Asking Questions" (1754).

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