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Episode 1212

Air Date: March 14, 1972
Previous Episode: 1211
Next Episode: 1213

Mister Rogers arrives with a projector and explains how it works as he makes shadow figures on the screen. He also shares a collection of slides showing pictures of various friends throughout the Neighborhood.

Visiting Negri's Music Shop, Mister Rogers enjoys a performance by the Southminster Bell Ringers.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Joey Hollingsworth is dancing as Henrietta Pussycat rings her new bell. X the Owl complains that the bell is disturbing everyone in the Neighborhood. X goes throughout the neighborhood trying to get others to join him in expressing displeasure with Henrietta's bell, but no one else seems to be bothered by it. Lady Aberlin talks with X about what might really be bothering him.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers sings It's You I Like.


The Southminster Ringers were directed in this episode by founder Tom Flynn. For more on the Southminster Ringers, visit

Appearing In This Episode


  • Southminster Ringers




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, W.P. Barker, Joey Hollingsworth, Joe Negri (uncredited), and Southminster Ringers
Music Director: John Costa
Directed by Bob Walsh

Produced by Family Communications, Inc. in association with WQED, Pittsburgh
The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of The Sears Roebuck Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

© 1972 Family Communications, Inc.

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