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Episode 1211

Air Date: March 13, 1972
Previous Episode: 1210
Next Episode: 1212

Mister Rogers arrives with a collection of bells and demonstrates how each one sounds different. He also shows that a glass filled with varying amounts of water can make different tones when tapped. Mister Rogers then shares a film about how drinking glasses are made.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday and Queen Sara go to the theater where they enjoy a performance by Joey Hollingsworth.

On the way back to the castle, King Friday stops at the bell-maker's to pick up a gift for Henrietta Pussycat to thank her for babysitting Prince Tuesday. Jealous of Henrietta's babysitting duties assigned by the King, X the Owl becomes angry when she rings new bell.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about X's feelings and sings I'm Angry.

At Betty's Little Theater, Betty Aberlin shares an animated film about a kaleidoscope. Returning to his house, Mister Rogers uses the base of his glass to trace kaleidoscope-like designs onto a piece of paper.


One of the songs Joey Hollinsworth dances to is I Like To Take My Time.

There were no "Neighbors" credited in this episode.

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Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin (uncredited), Johnny Costa (uncredited), Joey Hollingsworth (uncredited), Robert Rawsthorne (uncredited), Michael Taylor (uncredited)
Computer animation courtesy of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of The Sears Roebuck Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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