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Audrey Roth is a very active resident of the real Neighborhood. She is best known for her cleaning service -- Audrey Cleans Everything (A.C.E.) -- which is used by many Neighborhood businesses and residents. Whether it is cleaning an office or simply removing a stain from a shirt [1], Audrey cleans everything.

In addition to working at her cleaning business, Audrey Roth occasionally works at a Neighborhood restaurant as a waitress[2] and has also filled in at the soda shop[3] found (for a time) inside Brockett's Bakery. In her spare time, Audrey enjoys crafts and even taught the finer points of needlepoint to Mary Sweenie.[4]


At Bob Trow's Workshop.
[Episode 1139]
Audrey Cleans Everything (A.C.E.). [Episode 1362]
Waiting tables at a Neighborhood restaurant. [Episode 1508]



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