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Adventures in Friendship

Date: 2005
Format: DVD
Company/Organization: Anchor Bay
UPC: 013131319699
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (DVD)


Date: 2005
Format: VHS
Company/Organization: Anchor Bay
UPC: 013131310139
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (VHS)



Communicating at a pace and tone that is comfortable for young children, Mister Rogers helps his television neighbors understand their feelings, respect others, feel valued, develop inner controls and appreciate the world around them.

Episode 1 - Friends

Mister Rogers visits a restaurant and is invited to talk with the chef. When Henrietta Pussycat and X the Owl have trouble cooperating, Lady Aberlin helps them work together and realize that friends should not be afraid of being upset with each other from time to time.

Episode 2 - Love

Mister Rogers hears a lullaby performed on a mandolin at the Neighborhood Music Store. Lady Aberlin sees King Friday and Queen Sara have an arguement and learns that people who love each other can also have angry feelings sometimes.

Special Features

  • Teddy Bear Factory Tour - A clip taken from an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood shows a place where teddy bears are made.
  • Recipe Fun: Pizza Bagels - Step-by-step instructions on how to make pizza bagels
  • Sing-Along: "You Are Special" - Viewers are encouraged to sing along with Mister Rogers as he sings You Are Special in a clip taken from a Neighborhood episode.
  • Read-Along: "Making Friends"
  • 3 Games
    • Shape Fun - Match the pieces of fruit with the shapes on the plate.
    • Trolley Maze - Help the Trolley find its way through the maze and to the castle.
    • Build a Neighborhood - A DVD-ROM game which allows users to point and click as they create their own neighborhood scene
  • Activities - How to Make a Paper Chain
  • Neighborhood Gallery - By selecting any one of several Neighborhood characters, viewers can learn some details about each individual.
  • About Fred Rogers - Fred Rogers receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from Tim Robbins (1997)

Care-Giving Tips Booklet

In addition to the special features found on the DVD itself, a special booklet can be found inside the DVD case which includes print instructions for making pizza bagels, instructions for making paper chains, and lyrics for You Are Special. Additionally, there are six pages of care-giving tips provided by the "expert staff of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."


Friends is Episode 1508 from the Friends series. Love is Episode 1664 from the Love series.

Two different collector's versions of the DVD were produced. One came wrapped in a sweater with a Neighborhood Trolley on the zipper while the other came with a small toy Trolley.



The original production of this Mister Rogers' Neighborhood program was made possibly by a grant from the Sears Roebuck Foundation and from PBS stations around the country.

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