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Come On and Wake Up (Album)

Artist: Fred Rogers
Date: 1972
Format: LP
Label: Small World Enterprises / Columbia Children's Record Library
Catalog: CC24520
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Copyright © 1972 Small World Enterprises, Inc.

Artist: Fred Rogers
Date: 1973
Format: LP
Label: Small World Enterprises / Mr. Pickwick
Catalog: SPC-5136


Copyright © 1970, 1971, 1972 Fred M. Rogers
Copyright © 1972 Small World Enterprises, Inc.
Copyright © 1973 Small World Enterprises, Inc.

A Product of Pickwick International, Inc. | Woodbury, NY 11797 | Printed in USA

Artist: Fred Rogers
Format: 8-Track
Label: Pickwick Records

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Custom Product of Pickwick Records of Canada Ltd. - Ajax, Ontario


It is a good feeling to be understood. We all like to know that someone else appreciates who we are, what we are going through, and what we are trying to be.

Fred Rogers is a man who understands children particularly well. He recalls clearly the feelings, joys, fears, and yearnings of childhood. And he helps children express them daily on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", a television program seen nationwide on the Public Broadcasting Service.

This album includes many of the original songs Fred Rogers composes for "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". As the lyrics below make clear, he well understands the ups and downs of human growth.

Track List

Side 1

  1. Come On and Wake Up
  2. Everybody Has a History
  3. Good People Sometimes
  4. I'm Angry
  5. The People You Like the Most
  6. Walking Giraffe
  7. Pretending

Side 2

  1. Lullaby
  2. My Oldest Toy
  3. Ch'n, Ch'n
  4. The Truth Will Make Me Free
  5. You Are You
  6. Come On and Wake Up

Appearing On This Album


Written and performed by: Fred Rogers (ASCAP)
With Francois Clemmons, Yoshi Ito, Bob Trow

Producer: Elmer
Psychological Consultants: Margaret B. McFarland, Ph.D., Albert V. Corrado, M.D.
Musical Director: John Costa
Recording and Mixdown Engineer: Olaf Kuuskler
Mixdown Consultant: Jim Timmens
Levitation: W.P. Barker, Raymond Hill, G.D. McRae

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