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Episode 1432

Air Date: April 15, 1975
Previous Episode: 1431
Next Episode: 1433

Mister Rogers arrives with his toolbox which he takes outside to stencil his initials onto the side. As he finishes, Natalie Baker passes by on her way to see a new apartment for her and her children. Mister Rogers joins her for the viewing as Wayne Cook shows them around the vacant apartment.

Returning to his house, Mister Rogers sings You Are Special before Mr. McFeely stops by with a game he invented with a clothes pin, a pencil, and some string. He attaches a "Speedy Delivery" sign to the clothes pin and slides it down the string.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. McFeely delivers a new saw to Corney's factory. Rather than get rid of his old saw, Corney would like to keep both. Mr. McFeely explains that with both saws inside the factory, there will not be room for Corney to work. Still, Corney wants to keep the old saw.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about how it can be hard to give up old possessions.


Early in the episode, Joe Negri calls Mister Rogers to ask if he's seen his cousin, Natalie Baker. Mister Rogers is able to recognize her when she walks by moments later. Ms. Baker mentions that she has two children -- Angela and Reid.

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Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Natalie Disilvio Baker, Wayne Cook, David Newell, Bob Trow
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Produced and Directed by Bill Moates
Music Director: John Costa

Produced by Family Communications, Inc. in association with WQED, Pittsburgh

The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of Public Television Stations, Ford Foundation, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Sears-Roebuck Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson

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