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Episode 1263

Air Date: February 21, 1973
Previous Episode: 1262
Next Episode: 1264

Mister Rogers arrives with a wooden board and some rope. After using the rope as a jump rope, he takes the supplies to the back yard where he hammers nails into the board. As he wraps the rope and some string around the nails to make an artistic design, he sings I Like To Take My Time.

Visiting Francois Clemmons' studio, Mister Rogers removes his shoes and socks as he joins Mr. Clemmons and his young friends in pretending to fly like birds. As they pretend, Johnny Costa plays the piano. Mister Rogers visits with the children as they enjoy a snack. Joe Negri stops by to see how Mr. Clemmons is doing without one of his pianos which is being repaired.

Returning to the house, Mister Rogers takes out an old king puppet and shows how a hand makes a puppet move. In light of the bare feet at Mr. Clemmons' studio and the use of his hand to operate the puppet, Mister Rogers decides to make-believe about bare hands.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday makes a new rule that there are to be no bare hands in the land -- all hands must be covered with mittens. Handyman Negri is sent to spread the word throughout the Neighborhood. While most assume King Friday must have a good reason for the rule, Lady Elaine Fairchilde refuses to comply. When a hand-freezing breeze blows through Make-Believe, she realizes the reason for King Friday's rule.

Back at house, Mister Rogers adds another string to his art design and talks about how some rules are important because they help us to be safe and warm.


The story line in Make-Believe is an abbreviated version of that found in the book The Matter of the Mittens.

The studio lights above the set are evident as they case a double shadow (and in one case, triple shadow) from the nails.

I Like To Take My Time plays as Mister Rogers transitions from Mr. Clemmons' studio back to the house.

The "old king puppet" appears to be an early version of King Friday used on the Children's Corner.

Lady Elaine mocks Handyman Negri for following the rule by calling him "Mitteny-man Negri."

After learning the reason for King Friday's rule, Lady Elaine leaves the castle as I Like To Be Told plays in the background.

Appearing In This Episode


  • Donna Lim
  • Jack Wilson
  • Janet Gibson
  • Jordana Dym
  • Sybil Veeder
  • Zalani Ayagi




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Francois Clemmons, John Costa, Joe Negri
With Zalani Ayagi, Jordana Dym, Janet Gibson, Donna Lim, Sybil Veeder, Jack Wilson
Film: Tom Minchin
Music Director: John Costa
Produced and Directed by Bob Walsh

Produced by Family Communications, Inc. in association with WQED, Pittsburgh

The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of The Sears Roebuck Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

© 1972 Family Communications, Inc.

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