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Episode 1195

Air Date: May 14, 1971
Previous Episode: 1194
Next Episode: 1196

Mister Rogers changes into an apron and goes to the kitchen where he takes out egg dying materials from the paper bag he has brought with him. Using eggs from the refrigerator, he decorates a few using the colorful dyes.Taking the eggs to the porch to dry, Mister Rogers runs into Audrey Roth who offers to show him her own collection of decorative eggs.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin and Handyman Negri would like to decorate eggs for their friends and ask Edgar Cooke for some hard-boiled eggs. Fresh off the stove, the eggs are very hot so Lady Aberlin and Handyman Negri blow on them to cool them off -- whistling as they blow. When King Friday XIII joins them, he also blows on the eggs -- whistling quite beautifully in the process. He explains that he became a good whistler by talking with the birds in the royal forrest as a young boy.

Back at the house, Audrey returns with her collection of decorative eggs. She helps Mister Rogers as they clean up the egg dying materials from earlier.


Mister Rogers uses regular eggs and explains that "most people hard-boil their eggs before they decorate them but we don't have time for that."

After he learns that Audrey Roth has a collection of decorative eggs, Mister Rogers jokingly suggests that maybe "A.C.E." stands for "Audrey Collects Everything."

After King Friday reveals that he is a talented whistler, he demonstrates a bird call: the "Brockle Speckled Spickle Spack" which he explains is a "make-believe kind of a bird."

After Make-Believe, Mister Rogers shares that he cannot whistle: "It is very hard for me to whistle...Some people learn to whistle and some people don't."

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Episode Credits

Produced by WQED Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in association with Small World Enterpriese, Inc. for N.E.T.

Created by Fred Rogers
Produced and directed by Sam Silberman
Written by Eliot A. Daley, Fred Rogers
Music Director: John Costa
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Joe Negri, Audrey Roth
Psychological Consultants: Margaret B. McFarland Ph.D., Albert V. Corrado M.D.
Associate Producer: Diana Dean
Art Director: Jack Guest
Production Assistant: David Newell
Lighting Director: Al Brennecke
Floor Manager: Nick Tallo
Cameramen: Bob Vaughn, Dick Reschoff
Video: Don Williamson
Audio: Chuck Sradomski, Dick LaSota
Technical Supervisors: Tom Knight, Ken Anderson
Video Tape Editor: Chet Bednar

Production funds for this television visit were provided by a grant from the Sears-Roebuck Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

© 1971 National Educational Television and Radio Center

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