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Jodi's Asthma

Episode: 507a
Air Date: April 5, 2021
Previous Episode: 506b - A New Friend at the Clock Factory
Next Episode: 507b - Daniel and Max at the Playground

Danel Tiger is play splatball in the Enchanted Garden with Katerina Kittycat and Jodi Platypus. As she jumps and catches, Jodi begins to cough. She goes to a nearby blanket where Doctor Platypus provides her with a breathing treatment and shares with Daniel that Jodi has asthma.

Although the medicine helps her, Jodi continues to rest. Doctor Plat encourages Daniel and Katerina to "find a way for everyone to play." Seated on the blanket, they pass the ball to one another rather than throwing and catching.

O the Owl arrives and asks to join his friends. When there is nowhere for him to sit on the blanket, everyone moves a little so there is room for O. As they find shapes in the clouds, Daniel make-believes that he can fly in the clouds on a magic blanket.

Everyone joins X the Owl at the picnic table where he has prepared a peach pie to share. Everyone but Daniel is excited to taste the pie but he remembers that he is allergic to peaches. Doctor Plat shares some strawberries with Daniel so he can be included in snack time.


  • "We can find a way for everyone to play."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode features a boy with allergies in his classroom at school.



Splat ball is a game frequently played by Daniel and his friends. It is first mentioned in Episode 101b.

Daniel Tiger discovers that he is allergic to peaches in Episode 303a.



Episode Credits

Written by Alexandra Cassel Schwartz
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2021 The Fred Rogers Company

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