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Daniel Can't Ride Trolley

Episode: 211a
Air Date: June 22, 2015
Previous Episode: 210b - Daniel Feels Better
Next Episode: 211b - Daniel Can't Get What He Wants
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Daniel Tiger is going to Prince Wednesday's castle while his mom is at the store. Since it is Margaret's nap time, Mom Tiger decides walking would be better than taking the Trolley -- a decision that upsets Daniel. Recognizing that her son is clearly upset, Mom encourages Daniel to "stomp three times" to help himself feel better.

After walking to the castle, Prince Wednesday invites Daniel to the back yard where they explore for rocks. Mr. McFeely arrives with a speedy delivery for Prince Wednesday -- a package from his cousin Chrissie including a horse puzzle and a special drawing. Daniel make-believes that everything in the world is a giant puzzle.

The boys are excited to start the new puzzle but Queen Sara says there is not enough time before Daniel's mom will return and Prince Wednesday's appointment with Doctor Anna. When Prince Wednesday expresses his frustration, Queen Sara suggets that he "stomp three times" to help himself feel better. After doing so, Prince Wednedsay understands that Daniel can come back another time to do the puzzle.


  • "When you can't get what you want, stomp three times to help yourself feel better."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes a group of children at a playground who are not allowed to get a treat from an ice cream truck.



The strategy offered in this episode was met with slight objection from parents who felt that it encouraged defiance and mimicked a temper tantrum.



Episode Credits

Story by Angela C. Santomero & Becky Friedman
Written by Leah Gotcsik
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2014 The Fred Rogers Company

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