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Someone Else's Feelings

Episode: 139a
Air Date: February 20, 2014
Previous Episode: 138b - Jealousy at the Treehouse
Next Episode: 139b - Empathy at School
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Daniel Tiger and O the Owl are pretending to fix things while Dad Tiger works around the house. As they play, Daniel becomes more and more excited -- so much so that O becomes uncomfortable with the level of noise Daniel is making. Mom Tiger recongnizes O's discomfort and asks Daniel to consider his friend's feelings. Daniel agrees to be quieter as he plays.

Daniel make-believes that his tools are alive and helping him fix things.

When Daniel and O put a special flower in the toy trolley and send it towards the kitchen, it hits Mom Tiger's vase and cracks the handle. They recognize Mom Tiger's disappointment and help her to glue the broken vase.

Thankful that he feelings were considered, Mom Tiger puts two apples in the toy trolley and sends it back to Daniel and O.


  • "Think about how someone else is feeling."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes workers using machinery at a construction site.



Daniel remembers when Miss Elaina was being too loud. The clip used comes from Episode 126b.

O remembers when his costume ripped on dress-up day. The clip used comes from Episode 132b.

Daniel make-believes that his tools are alive as he sings a song called Handyman Daniel. This could be considered a slight reference to Handyman Negri from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

This episode is included on the DVDs Daniel's Big Feelings and 20 Tiger Tales.

Songs from this episode were released as part of the 2014 audio collection Daniel's Big Feelings.



Episode Credits

Written by Angela C. Santomero
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2013 The Fred Rogers Company

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