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The Children's Corner: Episode 4110

Broadcast Date: September 15, 1960

[The surviving content from this episode is incomplete and begins approximately half-way through the broadcast.]

Josie follows Joseph Fitzpatrick's "Art Education for the Purpose of Art's Enjoyment" with a visit to King Friday XIII. With her, she takes a copy of The King's Stilts by Dr. Seuss but King Friday requests that they wait untli the next day to read the book. Josie receives a posy from King Friday who suggests she pass it on to the next person she sees. He laughs at himself when he refers to her as "Posy Josie."

King Friday declares himself "your friendly Pacific weatherman" and provides the following weather report: "Relative humidity, 43% ... Look out for the rest yourself."

With the weather out of the way, King Friday reads the names of several people (likely young viewers) who are celebrating their birthday. Miss Emilie passes and glady receives the posy from Josie who soon moves on to the oak tree.

X the Owl sings I Give a Hoot For You and mentions that he has been invited to a "house-hotting party" for Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Josie corrects X by suggesting that it may be a house-warming party to which X replies, "Yeah, I guess so. I like it hot."

Henrietta mentions that she has seen something beautiful nearby and it's not long before a handsome man arrives at the oak tree. He introduces himself as Matt and Henrietta is clearly smitten.

Matt is looking for Daniel Striped Tiger who then introduces him as Matt [last name indecipherable]. Matt shows Daniel a ceremonial Peruvian Indian shirt and mentions that this sort of shirt helps to keep mosquitoes off a person's skin. Daniel shares his personal strategies for dealing with mosquito bites -- witch hazel on light stripes and rubbing alcohol on dark stripes. Matt announces that he will be sharing various cultures from around the world in future episodes of the Children's Corner.

Josie and Daniel present a celebratory cake to Bill Evans -- a "very special friend" who will be moving away soon. They close by singing the So Long Song.



Appearing In This Episode

In order of appearance



  • Matt [Last name indecipherable]
  • Bill Evans


  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Castle / Calendarland
  • Schoolhouse
  • Oak Tree
  • Car Barn [seen but not visited]
  • Eiffel Tower [seen but not visited]


Memorable Quotes

  • Daniel Striped Tiger: "I don't feel it's necessary to understand everything in the world."


  • A sign outside the Eiffel Tower suggests that it is closed while Grandpere is away in Paris.
  • Both the back of King Friday's birthday list and the hat worn by Henrietta Pussycat display the words "Beat 'em Bucs." This was the title of a Pittsburgh Pirates rally song co-written by Sy Bloom and Joe Negri and performed by Benny Benack and His Orchestra originally featured in advertisements for Iron City Beer. X the Owl's door also features the letters "BB" -- likely a simliar "Beat 'em Bucs" reference.
    • On the day this episode aired, the Pirates held a six game lead in the National League standings and defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers by a 3-1 score. The Pirates went on to win the 1960 World Series.
    • Original copies of the 7-inch record featuring Beat 'em Bucs are frequently available for purchase on eBay.
  • Bill Evans -- a departing stage crew member at WQED -- was celebrated near the end of the episode. He was credited with "Lighting" in Episode 4109 of The Children's Corner ("Josie's Holiday").

Episode Credits

Created by Josie Carey and Fred Rogers
Directed by Sam Silberman
Produced by Fred Rogers

WQED First in Community Television

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