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The Children's Corner: Episode 4109 (Josie's Holiday)

Broadcast Date: Undetermined

Josie welcomes viewers from the snowy corner of 25th and December. Following her enouragement to slow down and take in the joy of the Christmas season, she sings I Know It's Time For Christmas.

A man, clearly down on his luck, arrives to the same corner and finds a sock in a nearby trash bin to cover his foot which is exposed to the cold by a large hole in his shoe. At the bottom of the bin, he discovers a stuffed dog toy which appears to bring a much needed smile to his face. The joy is short-lived as a police officer arrives and watches as the man returns all of the trash to the bin. The man gathers the toy dog and politely departs. The officer remains on the corner and sings A Smile's the Style before inviting viewers "down the street and around the corner" to check in on Josie and her friends.

Daniel Striped Tiger shares his holiday excitement with Josie before Josie visits X the Owl. X plans to give each of his friends a pine cone for Christmas and shares that he desperately hopes to receive an orange for himself. Josie suggests that X could wish for an orange and sings Find a Star.

At the Calendarland castle, King Friday XIII explains to Josie that he is very busy planning ever date of the upcoming new year. He makes his point clear by singing I'm Busy Being Busy.

As Josie thinks about those who may be struggling at Christmastime, she is visited by a magic elf named Ticker. Ticker helps Josie to see what Ernie, that man from earlier, is currently doing. She does so by repeaing after the elf: "Flicker. Ticker. With a snicker. Get you there and back much quicker."

Ernie has returned to his home of shambled walls and broken windows where he cleans the toy dog. When he places a star on the top of his meager Christmas tree, he is delighted to discover that the dog has come to life!

Daniel suggests that Ernie is a friend of Cornflake S. Pecially and they talk about doing something special for those dealing with misfortune. The police officer arrives at Daniel's clock and joins Josie in singing the Creation Duet.

Back on the corner of 25th and December, Josie and the police officer join the St. Edmund's Academy Glee Club in singing a collection of Christmas carols. Josie thanks all of those involved in this special holiday visit and concludes by singing Goodnight God and I Know It's Time For Christmas.



Appearing In This Episode

In order of appearance



  • Eiffel Tower [seen but not visited]
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Schoolhouse [seen but not visited]
  • Oak Tree
  • Car Barn [seen but not visited]
  • Castle / Calendarland



  • While a typical episode of the Children's Corner is 20-30 minutes in length, this particular episode comes in at approximately 40 minutes.
  • The letters "D.P.S." on trash bin likely refer to Pittsburgh's Department of Public Safety.
  • Among the items Ernie finds in or near the trash bin are a broken umbrella, a tattered copy of a book titled Secrets to Success, a Schweppes Ginger Ale box, and a cigarette butt from which he removes and saves what little tobacco remains.
  • The part of Ernie is played by Ernie Combs. The part of the police officer is played by John Reardon.
  • Josie describes the wish piece from a serving pie -- the small triangle tip cut off and eaten last while making a wish. X the Owl suggests that he learned about the wish piece of pie at the Owl Correspondence School but sometimes he makes wishes "on a horse drawn hay wagon."
  • The talk of wishes directly contradicts a song from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood -- Wishes Don't Make Things Come True.
  • The part of Ticker is played by one-time WQED station manager and vice presiden, Margot Bell.
  • The episode ends with the cast gathering together and thanks given to them all by Josie.

Episode Credits

"Josie's Holiday"
Starring Josie Carey, Ernie Coombs, Fred Rogers and the Children's Corner, St. Edmund's Academy Glee Club, Margot Bell [uncredited]
Special Guest: John Reardon
Written & Produced by John Howard
Directed by Sam Silberman
Musical Director: John Costa
Choral Director: J. Robert Isod
Original Music by Fred Rogers and Josie Carey
Production Assistant: Tim Kirby
Scenic Designer: Joan Thomas
Settings: Harry Meyers
Lighting: Bill Evans
Technical Director: Frank Stuckman
Video: Joe Belliotti
Audio: Bob Whitnah

A WQED Production

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