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Trolley Golden Shape Book


WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
ILLUSTRATOR: Jason Art Studios
PUBLISHED: 1975 (second printing)
PUBLISHER: Golden Press / Western Publishing Company, Inc.
SERIES: A Golden Shape Book

Copyright © 1974 by Small World Enterprises, Inc.
Second Printing, 1975


While there is no actual title for this book, the main feature of this Golden Shape Book is that when opened, the cover forms the shape of the Trolley.

The story found in the twenty-four pages of this book is based on a bouquet of flowers sent to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe on the Trolley by a very svelte-looking Mister Rogers. Everyone sees the flowers and wonders who they are for. As it turns out there is one flower for each person in the Neighborhood.

On the last page, Mister Roges presents the reader with the one remaining flower: "It's for you. You're my special neighbor, too."


  • One of the pictures from this book is an exact copy of an illustration found in Henrietta Meets Someone New. On the first page of Henrietta Meets Someone New, as Mister Rogers introduces the story, the image shown is the same as the image used on the opening page of the Trolley Shape Book -- minus the vase of flowers, of course.

[opening pages of Henrietta Meets Someone New]

[opening pages of Trolley Shape Book]

  • A second repeated illustration can be found on the cover itself. The image of Mister Rogers is also seen on the last page of the Trolley Golden Shape Book (shown below to the right).



Hardbound library version:

[Image courtesy of Amazon]

Appearing In This Book

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