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Henrietta Meets Someone New


WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
ILLUSTRATOR: Jason Art Studios
PUBLISHER: Golden Books
SERIES: A Little Golden Book (Classic)
ISBN: 9780593119976




WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
ILLUSTRATOR: Jason Art Studios
PUBLISHED: 1975 (second printing)
PUBLISHER: Golden Press / Western Publishing Company, Inc.
SERIES: A Little Golden Book

© 1974 by Small World Enterprises, Incorporated



Henrietta Meets Someone New is about a visitor to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. The story begins with Henrietta Pussycat strolling comfortably through the Neighborhood thinking about how happy she is to live among her close friends. As she approaches Grandpere's tower, Henrietta realizes that a visitor is on her way.

Henrietta becomes upset at the idea of a visitor disrupting the happiness of the Neighborhood and finds X the Owl to share he feelings of distress.

As the rest of the Neighborhood prepares for the visitor's arrival -- by this point, it is established that the visitor is Grandpere's granddaughter, Colette -- Henrietta continues to be upset about the arrival of someone new to the Neighborhood. Upon Colette's arrival, however, Henrietta's distress turns to excitement as she shows Colette the way to Grandpere's tower.


  • In this book, Henrietta speaks in full sentences without her typical conversation full of "meows" that we are all used to from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • Two of the pictures from this book are exact copies of illustrations found in the untitled Golden Shape Book resembling the shape of the Trolley. The first such example can be found on the first page of Henrietta Meets Someone New. As Mister Rogers introduces the story, the image shown is the same as the image used on the opening page of the Trolley Shape Book -- minus the vase of flowers, of course.

[opening pages of Henrietta Meets Someone New]

[opening pages of untitled Golden Shape Book]

  • A second repeated illustration can be found on the cover itself. The image of Mister Rogers is also seen on the last page of the Golden Shape Book (shown below to the right).


  • The basis of this book is the Neighborhood of Make-Believe storyline from Episodes 1176-1180.

Appearing In This Book

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