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I'm Proud of You (Book)

Date: 2012
Author: Tim Madigan
Publisher: Ubuntu Press
ISBN: 9781470155117
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Copyright © 2012 by Tim Madigan
Cover design by Mark Hoffer

Date: 2006
Author: Tim Madigan
Publisher: Gotham Books
ISBN: 1592402275
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Copyright © 1996 by Tim Madigan
Jacket design by Emily Mahon
Photograph of Trolley Courtesy of the author

Date: 2006
Author: Tim Madigan
Read By: Christian Baskous
Publisher: Penguin Group
ISBN: 9780143059295
Purchase: Amazon (Audiobook)


Unabridged, approx. 5 hrs., 4 CDs


It was 1995 when the Fort Worth Star-Telegram assigned Tim Madigan to write a profile of children's television icon Fred Rogers. This fortuitous interview sparked a magnificent friendship between the two, one that would see both men through periods of grief as well as the hope of new beginnings. I'm Proud of You is the story of this friendship and of the enduring legacy left to us all by Fred Rogers.

Tim's career as a journalist was flourishing when he met Fred Rogers, but his personal life was a shambles. As Rogers welcomed Tim into his family, his church, and his life, Tim found an advisor who imparted a gentle but powerful perspective on spirituality, marriage, depression, and the nature of true friendship. With his friend's loving and patient guidance, Tim eventually came to understand that his emotional troubles were rooted in a deep fear that his father had never truly been proud of him. Hence the mantra of the friendship between the two, the phrase Rogers used to conclude dozens of letters and e-mail messages to Tim: "I'm Proud of You." Tim's friendship with Rogers helped him to mend his relationship with his father and become a better husband and father himself, all the while marveling at how many simple pleasures he had overlooked throughout his life.

It has been said that a person is lucky if, at the end of his life, he can count his true friends on the fingers of one hand. This is the story of two men who formed just such a friendship, and how each was transformed by the unconditional love of the other. Read it, and meet the man behind Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: the ordained minister, the loving husband, father, grandfather, and devoted friend.


After appearing on Episode 010 of the Neighborhood Archive Podcast, author Tim Madigan was kind enough to share a copy of the letter he received from Fred Rogers -- the letter that inspired this book. Click the images below for a larger view.


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