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Harriett Elizabeth Cow

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Harriett Elizabeth Cow lives at Someplace Else where she originally arrived to assist Donkey Hodie with his farm.

When the schoolhouse was built at Someplace Else, Harriett Cow took on the role of teacher to the Neighborhood children -- Ana Platypus, Daniel Striped Tiger, and Prince Tuesday. A very caring cow, she often talks with the school children about their fears, feelings, and concerns.

Harriett Elizabeth Cow is deeply involved in the arts as she is a founding member of the Living Prose Society [1] and plays both the organ and the clarinet. In addition, she also appeared as Pricilla's mother in the Potato Bugs and Cows opera.[2]

Harriett Elizabeth Cow's Name and Background

Harriett Elizabeth Cow is named after Fred Rogers' aunt -- Harriett Elizabeth Rogers -- a caring school teacher.

Puppet Demonstration

Bob Trow demonstrates the Harriett Elizabeth Cow puppet in Episode 1384.



C:\Users\Paul\Pictures\Mr Rogers\harriet cow 1324.jpg
C:\Users\Paul\Pictures\Mr Rogers\Pracila's mother 1300.jpg
C:\Users\Paul\Pictures\Mr Rogers\harriet cow 1384.jpg
Helping on the farm
[Episode 1324]
Pricilla’s mother in Potato Bugs and Cows [Episode 1300]
Bob Trow with the Harriet Cow puppet [Episode 1384]
Illustrated in The Costume Party
C:\Users\Paul\Pictures\Mr Rogers\harriet cow 1465.jpg
Ms. Cow teaching school
[Episode 1465]


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