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Pittsburgh's Original TV Stars

Pittsburgh's Original TV Stars was an event televised in 1988 celebrating the history of television media in Pittsburgh. According to the opening of the broadcast, it was "a reunion of a few of the men and women who made TV in [Pittsburgh and] the people who helped shape local news, talk shows, kids shows, and the like."

Among the panel of speakers were Dave Murray, Jean Connelly, Dave Mallinger, Eleanor Shano, Bill Brant, George Eisenhauer, Nick Perry, David Crantz, Lucy Seibert, Tom Finn, Adam Lynch, Marie Torre, Al McDowell, Don Riggs, Josie Carey, Joe Negri, Hank Stohl, Paul Shannon, and Fred Rogers. The event was hosted by Ricki Wertz.




Host: Ricki Wertz
Producer: Jim Wiener
Director: Hugh Downing
Assistant Director: Tim McGrane
Announcer: Rick Seback
Associate Producers: Marian Davis, Thom Downing
Production Assistants: Stacey Bloom, Linda Flynn, Amy Martz, Deborah Patterson, Michelle Robertson
Lead Technicians: Ken Anderson, Myles Marks
Video: Tom Deluga
Audio: Jerry Cobbs, David Freeman
Cameras: Art Vogel, Bob Vaughn, Steve Willing, Lenni Todd
Tape Editors: David Saz, Steve Willing
Studio Graphics: Russ Stang, Jack Guest
Electronic Graphics: David Kholodenko
Lighting Director: Joe Abeln
Floor Manager: Jim Seech
Production: Sal Palazzo, Eric Sanchez, Bob Lubomski
Special Thanks To: Bob Battenfelder, Bob Bollen, Chip Connell, P.J. Maloney, Myles Marks, Carnegie Library, The Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club, Pittsburgh Playhouse, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Press, Point Park College, Record Attic (Millvale)
Executive Producer: Ken Tiven

© 1988 Metropolitan Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting, Inc.

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