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Mister Rogers & Making Mistakes

Date: 2019
Format: DVD
Company/Organization: PBS
UPC: 841887042789
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (DVD)


Approx. 140 Minutes
© 2019 The Fred Rogers Company


Mister Rogers taught generations of children how to accept and respect others, how to be lifelong learners, and how to feel valued and encouraged. Never afraid to tackle tough subjects, he spoke openly about the topics children silently wondered and worried about, but adults often struggle to talk about.

In Mister Rogers and Making Mistakes, watch memorable episodes where Mister Rogers helps children understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. World-famous pianist André Watts performs for Mister Rogers, and together they talk about practicing and learning from mistakes!


This collection includes episodes 1576-1580 from the "Making Mistakes" week.

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