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TV Guide

Title: Josie Carey and the Children's Corner: Educational TV's Biggest Success Story
Date: March 26, 1955


Title: Close Up: Nighttime in Misterogers' Neighborhood
Date: November 22, 1969

Special: The sights, sounds, feelings and fantasies of nighttime are explored by Misterogers, the gentle man who caters to the "inner dramas" of children.

Fred Rogers is a Pied Piper of the 3-to-8 set. Writer, producer and host of the Peabody Award-winning "Misterogers' Neighborhood" (seen in more than 100 cities), he simply and imaginatively examines the child's everyday world. Rogers: "Our goal is to confront children with what bothers is good to re-evoke their fears and teacher them to deal with them."

Tonight...what parents do when children go to bed; a discussion and song about feeling lonely; and Misterogers' own memories of night. Joining in are Misterogers' colorful menage of puppet and neighborhood friends. (60 min.)

[This feature previews a one-hour special which aired on NET on November 24, 1969. Therefore, this clipping most likely appeared in the November 22-28,1969 issue of TV Guide.]

Title: He Reaches Into Kids' Souls
Author: Roderick Townley
Date: March 23, 1985


Title: Scenes From the Front: Seven Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cope
Author: Fred Rogers with Hedda Sharapan
Date: February 23, 1991


Title: 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time
Author: Unknown
Date: December 14, 1996

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For almost 30 years now, Fred Rogers -- that's Mister Rogers to you -- has entered his house and performed the same ritual: shedding the garments of the outside world, covered, as they are, with the soot of worry, fear, and other harsh realities. In their place, he puts on a well-worn cardigan and those comfy sneakers...and we slip into them, too. The soothing star of PBS's Mister Rogers' Neighborhood makes us, young and old alike, feel safe, cared for, and valued, while he teaches us about what's good, and gives us support in handling all the bad that takes place beyond his door. Nothing fancy, no hyperkinetic cartoons, no pressure on us to achieve amazing feats. His simple home might not be a wacky playhouse, and the puppets might sound remarkably like him, but wherever Mister Rogers is, so is sanctuary.

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