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Title: Fred Rogers Talks To Parents About School
Date: August 26, 1979


Fred Rogers, who actually occupies "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" on public TV, is serving up the first of two specials on Monday (9 p.m., Channel 22). This is "Mr. Rogers Talks to Parents About School" and it launches Fred's 25 years on television.

The reasons for the special, Fred explains, are: "Young children often have misconceptions about what school really is, what their teachers will be like, how much they will have to know and who will take care of them.

"For many children, going to school for the first time can mean playschool or nursery school. For others, it means kindergarten or first grade. But for all of them, it means questions to be asked, reassurances to be given and received -- and not just for the child, but for the parent, too."

Rogers will be joined on the special by Sandy Hill, co-host of ABC-TV's "Good Morning America." She will help with questions that will come from a live studio audience and questions that are telephoned from across the country. He will have, as usual, the wonderful Betty Aberlin and Daniel Tiger.

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