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Lost Little Boy

Date: 1973
Author: Fred Rogers
Illustrator: Beverly Townsend Vilcins
Publisher: Small World Enterprises, Inc.
Series: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Library
ISBN: 088460005X
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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Library
© Copyright 1973 Small World Enterprises, Inc.
Created by Media Projects Incorporated for Small World Enterprises, Inc.

A Note To Parents from Fred Rogers

Dear Friends,

Children often find new places and new things to see, but it's so important to realize that a little child can enjoy new and strange places only in the company of a caring adult.

The little boy in this book is separated from his mother in a department store. His reunion with her and his feelings about being "lost" are the theme of the book. Like other children, this little boy will take time to absorb and to play out his feelings. As the book ends, the boy's play begins -- with the naming of the new fish after those who "found" him.

Sincerely yours,
Fred Rogers


This book is read to viewers on Episode 1396 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

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