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Grow and Learn: Cooking

Date: 1998
Author: Roberta Schomburg Ph.D., Hedda Bluestone Sharapan
Illustrator: Ben Mahan
Designer: Moonhee Pak
Editor: Joellyn Thrall Cicciarelli
Publisher: Macmillan / McGraw-Hill
Series: Grow & Learn
ISBN: 0021976902


Editorial Consultants: Cathy Cohen Droz, Elaine Lynch, Aisha White
Project Director: Carolea Williams

Copyright © 1998 by Family Communications, Inc.


For decades, Mister Rogers has been a television friend to young children, helping them grow both "inside and out" as they learn along with him every day. Cooking brings to you his deep understanding of children and how they grow, and features practical, hands-on activities for your classroom.

Just look inside Cooking -- there is so much to do! Help children learn positive ways to express their feelings as they prepare "Get-the-Mad-Out Cookies" and "Cookie Faces." Children learn to follow directions, cooperate, and measure while making homemade butter, noodles, and watermelon "ice delights." Discover new ways to encourage children to learn about and appreciate other cultures with activities such as preparing a Native American recipe for parched corn.

As a teacher, you have many ways to help children learn through cooking. Now, with these ideas from Mister Rogers and Cooking, you will have a wonderful resource to support you in this important work.

A Letter From Fred Rogers

Dear Neighbor,

It's wonderful that you want to find ways to involve children in preparing and experimenting with preparing foods. When you think about it, food is at the core of every stage of human development. From early on, an infant begins to associate the relief from hunger with the person who brought the food. Relationships and food become intertwined.

Of course, as a television friend, I can't offer food through the television set. But you can, and whether you're providing a healthy snack, a meal, or involving the children in cooking, you're doing something that is nourishing as well as nurturing. Through the loving way you offer food or introduce a food activity, you reinforce children's good feelings about the people who care for them. And it's through relationships that we all grow and learn best.

The opportunity to develop this book gave all of us at Family Communications real pleasure because it allowed us to find ways to make our work helpful in new directions. We hope you'll enjoy using and adapting the ideas in this cooking book for the children in your classroom and in your care.

By consistently caring about children's needs, you're nourishing their sense of trust, hope, and belief in the world as a good and caring place. What important work you do!

Fred Rogers

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