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Fred Rogers: The Captivating Guide to the Man Behind Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Date: 2019
Author: Captivating History
ISBN: 9781796893274
Purchase: Amazon | eBay



From 1968 to 2001, Mister Rogers was a staple of early childhood television. In lieu of fast-paced animated cartoons that pitted good guy against bad guy, Rogers' world of puppets, make-believe, and personal stories encouraged face-to-face connections between young children and the people around them.. His domain, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, included a wide world of characters, both puppet and human, created by Rogers and often voiced by the man himself. It was a world of imagination and play, but Mister Rogers also encouraged his viewers to discern between make-believe and reality. He showed them factories and public spaces and explained how parts of the real world worked together through video segments in each episode, sometimes tackling controversial issues such as physical disabilities, mental health, war, and death.

Mister Rogers was more than just a puppeteer, a teacher, or an entertainer, though he was all those things; he was also a trusted friend and advisor. Roges spoke personably with kids and helped them identify and organize their emotions. He explained how to deal with anger in simple, relatable terms and sang songs to help his guests and viewers cope with their feelings. He told generations of young people that it was okay to cry and show emotion since these are feelings every person experiences.

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