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A Pair of Cockeyed Optimists: The Puppetry Career of Bob and Judy Brown

Date: 2009
Author: Judy Barry Brown and Luman Coad
Publisher: Charlemagne Press
ISBN: 9780921845300
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Copyright © 2009 Judy Barry Brown and Luman Coad


In five decades of full-time puppetry, the Bob Brown Marionettes have done it all. From performing with orchestras around the world to playing the White House, from appearances on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood to establishing the Smithsonian Puppet Theater in Washington D.C., from touring three-person troupes through much of the U.S. to entertaining at birthday parties.

Bob and Judy Brown are consummate artists with a special "look" to their work. They have the ability to roll with the punches and come out with terrific stories to share with fellow performers. They are survivors, having endured devastating setbacks and numerous disappointments as well as accolades of public and peer. And they continue to cheerfully bring delight to their audiences with fresh and innovative puppetry.

This book, much of it in Judy's unique narrative, is a delight to read. Scattered throughout the book are kernels of hard-earned wisdom only seasoned performers can impart.

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