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Old Friends...New Friends: Episode 201

Air Date:
Guests: Lee Strasberg

Fred Rogers talks with acting instructor Lee Strasberg about his passion for performance and the challenges the come with teaching others.

Mr. Strasberg shares about his career working with notable performers, harnessing an individual's creativity, and his own personal family background.

Fred Rogers concludes: "Strasberg has obviously thought a lot about the roots of his life. He senses that his mother is always with him. And I wonder if most people don't share his feeling about wishing he could have known his father better. I know I do. And yet I wonder how many people ever do know their fathers well. And I wonder how many fathers ever do know their children well. But the ties that bind parents and children go far beyond all that can be known. We still make a difference in each other's lives. And what a great difference a great teacher can make in the lives of so many."



Episode Credits

Produced by Arthur Barron and Caryolyn King
Directed by Arthur Barron
Written by Fred Rogers
Associate Producer-Production Manager: Sam Newbury
Photography: Dan Dominy, Jon Else
Assistant Cameraman: Johnie Novosel, George Stephenson
Sound: Peter Pilafian, Wolf Seeburg
Lighting: Larry Wallace
Film Editor: Sanford L. Rosenblatt
Assistant Editor: James Jaeger
Production Assistant: Manuel Gozdzinski
Still Photo Research: Tere Strombotne

Director: Hugh Martin
Associate Producer: Cathy L. Cohen
Photography: Joe Seamans
Assistant Camera/Gaffer: Mark Knobil
Dolly Grip: Ed Letteri
Grip: Bill Smales
Sound: John Sutton
Art Director: Charles Altman
Production Assistant: Anne Marie Leyden
Musical Director: John Costa
Post Production Supervisor: Michael Colonna
Videotape Editing: Merv Lightner
Videotape Sound: Kevin Conrad
Titles: Hugh Martin
Consultants: Margaret McFarland Ph.D., Albert V. Corrado M.D.

Produced with the cooperation of WQED/Pittsburgh
Executive Producers: Basil Cox, Fred Rogers

1980 Family Communications

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