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Out of Folkus (Brockett and Barbara Album)

Artist: Brockett and Barbara
Date: 1963
Format: LP
Label: Encore Custom
Catalog: ECS 6001


Track List

Side 1 - "OUT OF FOLKUS" (Ichabod, Jacob, and Martha)

  1. Introduction (Don Brockett)
  2. Londondary Air (Don Brockett, Barbara Mazziotti, and Gil Lazier)
  3. Frere Jacques (Barbara Mazziotti, Don Brockett, Judy Davis and Gil Lazier)
  4. Suburbia (Don Brockett)
  5. Sea Captain's Daughter (Barbara Mazziotti, Don Brockett, and Gil Lazier)
  6. We're Both Twelve Now (Barbara Mazziotti, Don Brockett, and Gil Lazier)
  7. Mamie and Ike (Barbara Mazziotti, Don Brockett, and Gil Lazier)

Side 2 - "IN FOCUS" (Don Brockett and Barbara Mazziotti)

  1. Twisted Humor (Don Brockett and Barbara Mazziotti)
  2. Casey and Kildare (Don Brockett and Barbara Mazziotti)
  3. Big Old Lady (Barbara Mazziotti)
  4. Cinderella (Don Brockett, Barbara Mazziotti, and Karl Hardman)
  5. Elmer and Sharon (Don Brockett and Barbara Mazziotti)
  6. To the Corps (Don Brockett and Barbara Mazziotti)
  7. Closing Remarks (Barbara Mazziotti)

From the Album Cover

Don Brockett and Barbara Mazziotti have been working as a musical comedy team for the past four years. While their love is the musical revue form, they have been known to do a conventional night club act in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York. When not performing, Miss Mazziotti is a schoolteacher.

As a writing team, Brockett (lyrics) and Joanne Pasquinelli (music) have written four original musicals, all of which were presented in Pittsburgh. They have been represented in two off-Broadway productions, "Fourth Avenue North" and "Talent 61," and have written special material for Broadway comedienne Kaye Ballard, the comedy team of Phil Ford and Mimi Hines and the fast rising young singing team Jack and Sally Jenkins.

Joe Negri, who is recognized as one of the country's finest young guitarist, is seen daily on KDKA-TV's (Pittsburgh) John Reed King Show along with bass player Jimmy DeJulio. Karl Hardman, president of Hardman Associates, Incorporated, is a regular performer on KDKA Radio's Cordic and Company show. His many voices and quick sense of humor have made him one of the most sought-after performers in radio. Gil Lazier and Judy Davis, the only legitimate singers hard on this record, have been the featured singers in all the Brockett-Pasquinelli revues.




Featuring Don Brockett, Barbara Mazziotti
With Gil Lazier, Karl Hardman, Judy Davis, Joanne Pasquinelli (Piano), Jimmy DeJulio (Bass), and Joe Negri (Guitar)

Produced by Harman Associates Incorporated

Musical arrangements and direction by Joanne Pasquinelli
Title idea and cover conceived and executed by Earl Davis
Recorded on location March 17, 1963
Cover photography by Frank Palmer

© Copyright Hardman Associates, 1963

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