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A Virtuoso Duo-Piano Showcase

Artist: Joanne Rogers & Jeannine Morrison
Date: 1995
Format: CD
Label: ACA
Catalog: B000004CL1
Purchase/Stream: Amazon


© 1994 ACA Digital Recording

Track List

  1. Feu roulant, Op. 256
  2. Suite en valse, Op. 39a: I. Valse symphonique
  3. Suite en valse, Op. 39a: II. Valse sentimentale
  4. Suite en valse, Op. 39a: III. Valse boiteuse
  5. Suite en valse, Op. 39a: IV. Valse de fete
  6. Rag, Pastorale & Carillon: I. Rag
  7. Rag, Pastorale & Carillon: II. Pastorale
  8. Rag, Pastorale & Carillon: III. Carillon
  9. Variations on a Theme by Paganini
  10. Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn, Op. 56b
  11. Flying Fingers


Recorded June 8 & 9, 1993 at Spivey Hall, Morrow, GA
Producers: Jeannine Morrison &Joanne Rogers
Recording Engineer: Tommy Joe Anderson
Instruments: 1942 & 1984 Steinway Concert Grands
Cover Design: Julie Taylor

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