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Wake-Up Sounds (Tape 9)

Artist: Fred Rogers
Date: 1979
Format: Cassette
Label: Hubbard
Series: I Am, I Can, I Will
Catalog: 000-8703

Running Time: Approximately 07:43
Copyright © 1975 Family Communications, Inc.


Do you ever wake up very early in the morning before anybody else in your house is awake? It’s very quiet at the time of the morning, but there are some sounds even then. Let’s pretend about that.

[Clock ticking]

That’s a familiar sound. Maybe you hear this sound in the morning, too.

[Cat meows]

That cat knows it’s almost time for people to get up. It’s hungry and ready for its breakfast.

[Alarm rings]

Now there’s another morning sound and sometimes people don’t like it very much because it usually means we have to get up and leave our warm beds. But as soon as we hear the alarm clock, we can hear all kinds of other noises in the house, too. Other morning sounds begin. Can you tell what they are?

[Birds chirping, toilet flushes, radio broadcast plays]

Let’s listen to each one of those sounds by itself and see if we can figure out what they all are.

[Birds chirping]

That’s a sound I like. Birds sound like they enjoy being up bright and early.

[Radio broadcast plays]

It’s hard to tell when the radio or TV is on or when someone is really talking to you. But people on the radio and TV have a special way of talking. They often sound very important when they read about the day’s news and the weather.

Let’s listen to another sound.

[Toilet flushes]

Most people go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, so you may hear the toilet flushing and the water running. Someone might be brushing their teeth.

[Tooth brushing sounds]

Is there anyone in your family who uses and electric shaver?

[Electric shaver buzzes]

It makes a funny buzzing noise. Maybe someone uses shaving cream. That can make a soft noise. See if you can hear it.

[Shaving cream noise]

Some people start the day by taking a shower. They like the feeling of prickly sprays of warm water all over their body.

[Shower running]

Have you ever heard anyone sing in the shower? You could try it yourself sometime if you’d like.

[Man singing in shower]

There are other people who would rather take a bath in a bathtub. They like that feeling of soaking in a tub full of warm water.

[Bathtub sounds]

Which do you like better? A shower or a tub bath?

Let’s listen to some other morning sounds.

[Cooking sounds]

Morning can certainly be a noisy time. Everyone is rushing to get ready for school or work or something. Let’s see if we can figure out what all those sounds are, too.

[Water running]

Somebody’s filling something with water. The coffee pot maybe. Soon you might hear and smell the coffee perking. And there’s that cat again. Somebody had better give him some food and water.

[Cat meows]

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Children like different things for breakfast. Some like cereal, some like toast, some like eggs.

[Dishes rattling]

Maybe you help to set the table in the morning. You might need a knife and a fork and a spoon for each person in your family. And a glass or two. A cup and a saucer and a big plate.

People like their eggs cooked in different ways. If you like scrambled eggs then someone has to break the eggs into a bowl and then mix them up with an egg beater or a fork.

[Stirring sound]

An egg beater has a whirring sound. And a fork sounds like clickitty-clack.

[Sizzling sound]

That’s something sizzling in the frying pan. Can you imagine what it smells like? When everything is ready, we can all sit down and eat.

[Dishes rattling]

When breakfast is over, it’s time to wash the dishes and get going. Who goes to work and who stays home where you live? There’s lots of bustling about, isn’t there?

[Cars starting, doors opening, people walking, outside sounds]

And then it’s quiet again. Houses are like that. Very noisy sometimes. Very quiet sometimes. But if you listen carefully, there’s almost always something to hear around you in the daytime or at night. Try it and see. Listening carefully is a very good way of learning about things. And learning about things is a very good way to keep on growing.

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