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Feeling Happy, Feeling Sad (Tape 2)

Artist: Fred Rogers
Date: 1979
Format: Cassette
Label: Hubbard
Series: I Am, I Can, I Will
Catalog: 000-8696

Running Time: Approximately 09:08
Copyright © 1975 Family Communications, Inc.


There are some days when I just feel extra good. Don’t you? And when I feel that way, I sometimes like to sing this song.

[Sings It’s Such a Good Feeling]

It’s a good feeling when you’re happy. That’s what being happy is – feeling good.

Did you ever go to a circus or hear about what a circus is? Did you see some elephants and horses? And what about clowns? Did you notice any clowns? Clowns are real people dressed up in funny costumes and they do funny things. They do tricks and run around a lot. Do you ever feel like acting like a clown? People feel that way for many different reasons.

[Sings The Clown In Me]

So when some people act like a clown, when they’re acting really foolish, maybe they’re feeling mad inside. Mad or sad. When people don’t feel happy, the often need some extra kinds of care.

[Sings Please Don’t Think It’s Funny]

Sure, we all have times when we need an extra hug or kiss. Times when we feel sad or scared. And it’s important to have someone you can talk to when you have those kinds of feelings. Telling someone you love about it can really help to make you feel better. Just talking to you helps to make me feel happy. These visits are special times for me. When I’m happy sometimes I sing. Sometimes I make up my own words to songs. Or even make sounds that aren’t real words at all. Like this song.

[Sings Troll Talk]

Those are silly sounds, aren’t they? When people learn their own language, they sometimes like to play with other sounds. Even silly sounds. I’d like to sing that “shidely dum di mooley” song again. You could sing it or hum it or clap your hands or tap your feet along with me if you want.

[Sings Troll Talk]

Sometimes when people are happy, they don’t sing or clap or say anything at all. But they just feel happy inside. You could feel happy just by looking at someone’s face. Someone you love very much. And there’s the kind of feeling happy when another person knows you’ve done the best you can. There are so many things in the world that can help people have good feelings. I’m glad to know that there are people who care for you who want you to have good feelings about yourself.

[Sings It’s Such a Good Feeling]

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