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Barbara Boomerang / Barbara B. Frisbee

First MRN Appearance: 1097
Last MRN Appearance: 1394
Performed By: Barbara Russell

Barbara Boomerang is the National Secretary of the National Boomerang Commission. When she oversees the First Annual National Boomerang Contest held at Someplace Else, she crowns herself queen of the contest -- much to the displeasure of the contest's winner, Lady Elaine Fairchilde.[1]

Later, she returns to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe as Barbara B. Frisbee.[2] Her colorful clothing is decorated with plastic Frisbees of all sizes and she even wore a hat made of Frisbees on her head.

Enjoying a good guessing game, Barbara Frisbee once delivered a giant Frisbee to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and asked everyone to guess what it was for. After many guesses, it was revealed that the giant Frisbee was in fact a tap dancing platform. Together with several others in the Neighborhood, Barbara Frisbee happily danced on the "giant Frisbee" outside the Museum-Go-Round.




It is very surprising that the term "Frisbee" was used so loosely with this character condisering Frisbee is registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


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