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Misterogers (CBC, 1/7/1964)

Network: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Air Date: January 7, 1964

Mister Rogers invites viewers to see his pet frogs which he unsuccessfully tries to place place on top of a toy sea plane. Turning the water on over his frog pond, Mister Rogers sings What Will We Do, It's Raining.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mrs. Frogg is finishing her laundry when she realizes she has typing to do at the Museum-Go-Round. Mr. Zoogle arrives and offers to help fix the Froggy Decimal System which is currently inoperable.

Moving on to the clock, Mr. Zoogle and Daniel Striped Tiger sing Today is New. Daniel shares that he would like to fly his new kite and Mr. Zoogle suggests they try it out by the new windmill near Corney's factory. Mrs. Frogg seems slightly frustrated when she finds Mr. Zoogle flying a kite with Daniel instead of working on the museum's decimal system.

When King Friday arrives at the museum, Mr. Zoogle explains his and Daniel's kite flying by suggesting that they are "testing the royal air current." Intrigued, King Friday flies the kite for himself and temporarily loses it to a strong gust of wind. The kite is quickly recovered and when Mrs. Frogg discovers that even King Friday was taking time for a fun activity, she decides that her work can wait.


One of Mister Rogers' pet frogs is named Francois.

Appearing In This Episode


  • Mister Rogers' House
  • Frogg Pond
  • Museum-Go-Round
  • Daniel's Clock


  • John Ziegler




Episode Credits

Created by Fred Rogers
Guest: John Ziegler
Music performed by Lou Snider
Assistant Puppeteer: Ernest Coombs
Settings designed by Robert Hackborn
Properties: Frank Peets
Audio: Mas Kikuta
Lighting Direction: George Ridgley
Technical Producer: Harvey Handley
Produced by Francis Chapman

This has been a CBC Television production
CBC Radio-Canada

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