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Super Password

In September of 1984, the third episode of Super Password featured celebrity guests Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune) and Gloria Loring (Days of Our Lives) competing with contestants Dave and Patricia.

According to, Super Password is played as follows:

Super Password is the 1984 game show featuring two teams (consisting of a celebrity guest and a contestant) guessing words from one-word clues given by their partners, with each “password” acting as clue to the “password puzzle” (the name of a person, place or thing). 

In the game's $400 round, much to the surprise of host Bert Convy, the correct answer was given by Ms. Loring after only two clues.

Once revealed, all five clues included "GENTLE," "VOICE," "CHILDREN," "NEIGHBOR," and "HOST." The correct answer, of course, was "MR. ROGERS."


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