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Short Circuit 2

The 1988 film Short Circuit 2 features another look at Johnny 5, the robot with humanlike intelligence and personality.

At one point early in the movie, Fred Ritter (played by Michael McKean) is comfortably watching television -- an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood -- when Johnny 5 enters the room. As Mister Rogers introduces Hischer Booptrunk, he describes how his ventriloquist doll is not a real person like he is. Listening intently, Johnny clearly begins to question his own status as "alive" or not.


Fred asks Johnny 5 to hand him a beer and offers him no thanks. Handing the can to Fred, Johnny -- very clearly in a Mister Rogers tone -- sarcastically responds, "Can you say 'thank you?'"


The Neighborhood episode being watched is Episode 1581 from the 1987 Alike and Different series.

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