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Robot Chicken

For those unfamiliar with Robot Chicken, it consists of short animated segments -- most less than a minute in length and typically playing off of well-known pop culture. As seen in this episode, Mister Rogers is not off limites to the parody of Robot Chicken.

In this 2007 episode, a character obviously intended to resemble Mister Rogers, enters singing and speaking in Japanese. He changes his shoes (complete with the toss of a shoe from one hand to the other) before the Trolley arrives.


Upon its arrival at this parody's Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the Trolley is promptly picked up by Godzilla while a feline character runs into the foreground of the scene meowing in fear.


The whole clip is maybe a minute in length. While this clip is certainly the complete opposite of anything we ever would have seen on Mister Rogers Neighborhood, as the cliche goes, imitation is the best form of flattery.

In a 2005 episode, a likeness of Mister Rogers can be found as part of a short called "Bloopers! Two."


In this clip, "Mister Rogers" touches the trolley track which is located near a miniature pond. Too close to the water, he is met with an electric shock. Calling a stage hand over to fix the problem, the situation comes to a very "un-neighborly" end.

A 2019 episode features a segment -- "Mister RoboRogers' Neighborhood" -- where Fred Rogers is brought back in the form of a RoboCop-type cyborg.


Things do not go as planned when Mister RoboRogers violently tears through his television home and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

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