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Night Court

On the episode "Dad's First Date" from Night Court's third season (1985), a group from a "clothing optional" apartment complex is staging a protest in Judge Stone's office. This, of course, sparks the interest of Dan Fielding who declares in his best Mister Rogers voice: "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."

Season 3 also features an episode titled "Up On the Roof" in which a suicidal rock star threatens to leap down an open elevator shaft. When his psychiatrist becomes angry and tells Eddie (the rock star) that his is "very cross with him," Eddie responds, "Well, tough teepees."

Flo, one of the court bailiffs, says, "Oh, boy. Mister Rogers gets obscene."

In the fourth season's episode "Dan's Operation, Part 1" (1986), Dan returns to the courtroom after a medical procedure. His replacement, Assistant District Attorney Albert Rogers, is relieved of his duties.

Harry: "I guess we won't be need you, Mr. Rogers."

Dan: "Yeah. Go back to your neighborhood, Mr. Rogers."

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