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NBA 2K23

In the NBA basketball video game NBA 2K23's "My Career mode," you play as "MP," a recent NBA draftee who was booed by the fans of his new team on draft night -- in particular for being drafted ahead of the much higher-touted prospect Shep Owens.

During a conversation with his girlfriend and best friend (his would-be manager and agent, respectively) about how this is affecting his mindset, MP is instead counting his blessings, knowing this feeling of being booed is just another adversity he will overcome. His best friend goes on to praise this mindset, jokingly comparing him to a "Mister Rogers with high tops...with a mean streak." Though MP rejects that notion, his girlfriend tries to sway him saying "Mister Rogers is a babe...good guy...great sweaters. You don't like sweaters?"

As MP tries to downplay his girlfriend complimenting how he looks in sweaters, with his feeling that sweaters are "all right," his best friend tries to get the discussion back on topic, saying they can talk about this another time. [Summary provided by Michael Burmeister]

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