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Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour

The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour combined two popular game shows into one hour-long competition. In December of 1983, Arsenio Hall appeared as a celebrity guest and shared a younger photograph of fellow guest Nedra Volz. Later in the episode, guest Blake Clark interjected with a photograph he brought along himself.


Blake Clark: I brought a picure. Since Arsenio brought a picture of Nedra (Volz) when she was younger, I brought a picture of Arsenio when he was younger. It's a beautiful day in his neighborhood.

Host "Bowzer" Bauman: Okay. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Blake. And, yes, Arsenio, you can put your shoes back on now.

Coincidentally, the next week, guest Martha Smith was asked "'Everybody's fancy/Everybody's fine/Your body's fancy/And so is mine'; those are words from a song written by a famous American. Is he Barry Manilow or Mister Rogers?" Martha gave the correct answer, but the returning champ (Gregory) disagreed, and was ultimately defeated in the end.


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