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Mad Magazine

The October 1984 issue of Mad Magazine included Volume Five of the "Mad Nasty Book" -- a not-so-neighborly feature that "take[s] pot shots at...popular celebrities and hallowed institutions."

Written by Tom Koch with art by Harry North, The Mad Nasty Book takes on everything and everyone from Billy Martin and Jesse Jackson to Saturday Night Live and, of course, Mister Rogers and his Neighborhood.


The December 1986 issue of Mad Magazine clearly included a Top Gun parody but also included a four-page feature titled "Mister Jolly Rogers' Neighborhood (Visits a Local Bank)."

Written by Larry Siegel with art by Angelo Torres, this feature follows Mister Rogers as he experiences some of the problems and corruption of the local Neighborhood bank.


The March 1999 issue of Mad Magazine advertised parodies of Dharma & Greg and the Waterboy but also included a five-page feature titled "The Special Prosecutor's Official Report on Mister Rogers."

Written by Desmond Devlin, this parody was loosely based on the Ken Starr report on the wrong-doings of then-President Bill Clinton. As the opening page says...

"First, megalomaniac Ken Starr hounded the President, his staff, his friends, his former intern and just about everyone else in the Clinton White House, except Socks and Buddy! With that investigation in shambles, the overzealous prosecutor has turned his attention to others who, in his eyes, "threaten" the very foundation of our society! Here's a sneak peek of a confidential report sure to be illegally leaked by Starr and his thugs any day now."

The parody details all of the "illegal" actions of Mister Rogers and his Neighborhood friends including his violation of "Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution by recognizing the royal sovereignty of King Friday XIII within the United States borders" as well as Mr. McFeely's "resemblance" to the Unabomber.



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