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On an episode of Jeopardy! which first aired on February 6, 2018, host Alex Trebek introduced the first category in the first round of the competition:

"Would all three of you like to be my friend? I hope so, because we're going to be celebrating Mister Rogers."

The category -- "Celebrating Mister Rogers" - included the following video questions, all of which were answered correctly by the contestants.

$200 - Mister Rogers' mom knitted many sweaters he wore on each show, and in 1984 he donated an iconic red cardigan to this institution."

What is the Smithsonian?

$400 - In 1969, Mister Rogers testified before the senate to fight this president's proposal to cut federal grants to PBS in half...and won."

Who is Richard Nixon?

$600 - Mister Rogers got to meet Koko, a gorilla with a vocabulary of more than 1,000 words in this form of communication."

What is sign language?

$800 - Mister Rogers voiced many puppets in his Neighborhood including this original one -- his son stars in an animated spin-off.

Who is Daniel Tiger?

$1000 - He was on the show's floor crew and was even on camera at times, maybe paving his way to be Batman and Birdman.

Who is Michael Keaton?

On April 5, 2021, the Final Jeopardy clue referenced Fred Rogers' infamous Emmy speech.

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