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Hollywood Walk of Fame

Over 2,500 stars make up the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame including one honoring Fred Rogers.

We often see pictures of these stars, but what's around them? Where exactly are these stars?

My first stop was Wikipedia where I found that the Mister Rogers star is located at 6600 Hollywood Boulevard. Next, it was off to the awesome street view feature on Google Maps.

The street view shot of 6600 Hollywood Blvd. shows several stars on the sidewalk. So which one is the Mister Rogers' star? Well, thanks to a photo on Flickr of a guy posed next to the star, it's easy to determine which one it is.

So there it is. As of January 2016, Mister Rogers' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sits just outside the doors a "Lingerie & Costumes" shop.

[This information originally appeared as a July 2012 post on the since-retired Neighborhood Archive blog]


A 2011 Topps American Pie trading card honors Fred Rogers and his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.


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